Home Physiotherapy in Camberley | The Importance of Deep Breathing in Any Recovery

At Foundations Physio, we offer a specialist home physiotherapy service for the people of Camberley and the neighbouring areas. Our expertise extends across numerous fields, including elderly rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy. We also provide physiotherapy for stroke victims. Most importantly, we deliver these services on a bespoke basis in the comfort of your home.


Our clinicians utilise years of experience to provide personalised treatment and support. In addition, we also conduct exercise groups at residential homes, care homes and for charity groups in and around Camberley.


Deep breathing often forms a cornerstone of our home physiotherapy work. It also produces fantastic results in elderly rehabilitation and physiotherapy for stroke recovery. Below, we have looked at how something as simple as deep breathing can produce such impressive results.


Neurological Physiotherapy | Deep breathing


Getting a breath of fresh air is synonymous with becoming more alert and less stale. It’s associated with refreshing yourself before tackling another activity. When you don’t move around much, you don’t stretch your respiratory system. In turn, you only use a fraction of your lung capacity.


Our neurological physiotherapy sessions in Camberley involve many key aspects. One of these is teaching patients how to use their lungs more effectively in order to achieve better rib cage movement. This is particularly important for anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury as they often have a reduced respiratory capacity. They also have a greater likelihood for chest infections.


However, the benefits stretch across our full range of core services, be it physiotherapy for stroke recovery, elderly rehabilitation or any other form of home physiotherapy.


By taking in a really deep breath, you use more air than usual. This allows you to move the stale air at the bottom of your lungs. In turn, the process also uses more of your lung tissue. What’s more, by sitting up straighter and moving away from the back of a chair, your torso becomes more active, and the lungs less compressed.


In fact, during the neurological physiotherapy sessions we carry out in Camberley and the neighbouring areas, we highlight the link between an improved posture and more effective deeper breathing.


When you sit up as straight as you can, you give your lungs more space to operate in. The more effective and regular your deep breathing, the better the results you will see from your home physiotherapy, be it elderly rehabilitation, physiotherapy for stroke recovery or any other programme.


However, please note that, when practising deep breathing, you should only do around five deep breaths in one sitting. If you exceed this, you run the risk of becoming lightheaded. If one of our neurological physiotherapy clinicians isn’t present, we strongly advise having a family member or friend with you.


This will give you confidence to push yourself while not having to worry about going too far.


Home Physiotherapy Tailored to You


Our physiotherapists travel to your home in Camberley, thus eliminating any stress and concern you might have about travelling anywhere else. With no waiting times and a personalised solution that focuses solely on your needs, we give you a much greater chance of recovery.


With the perfect blend of qualifications and dedicated customer care, we have established ourselves as the trusted choice for physiotherapy for stroke victims, elderly rehabilitation and other neurological physiotherapy needs in Surrey and Hampshire.

Call us on 07817495791 to discuss your own bespoke home physiotherapy programme. Foundations Physio works with patients throughout the Camberley area.

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