Elderly Rehabilitation in Farnborough | Strategies for Improving Quality of Sleep

At Foundations Physio, we cover everything from physiotherapy for stroke recovery to personalised elderly rehabilitation. Our clinicians also have vast expertise in neurological physiotherapy. We offer home physiotherapy as well as sessions at care homes, hospitals and any other Farnborough location convenient to you. By structuring bespoke programmes, we optimise your results by focusing on your specific condition.


Of course, our team can’t be with you all the time. But because we’re completely invested in your recovery, we’re always happy to offer advice and guidance for anything that might help in your day-to-day life.


On this page, we focus on strategies for improving the quality of your sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for waking up in the morning refreshed and rested. This gives you the energy to tackle your neurological physiotherapy, elderly rehabilitation or any other home physiotherapy in Farnborough.


How to Improve Your Sleep Quality


Below, we have looked at some of the habits you can change or adopt to help you get more restful sleep.


Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal Before Bed – While eating late at night might result in you feeling less hungry in the morning, it impacts on the quality of your sleep. When you fall asleep after a meal, your body is still busy digesting it.


This increases the chances of mental exhaustion and indigestion. As a specialist in physiotherapy for stroke recovery, we also highlight the increased risk of stroke some research links to digesting a meal while sleeping.


Move around Outside in the Afternoon or Evening – By this time of the day, your muscles are at their most warm and flexible. This is as key to any form of activity as it is to the neurological physiotherapy, elderly rehabilitation and other home physiotherapy we perform in the Farnborough area.


Activity in the late afternoon or early evening can also help regulate the amount of food you eat for dinner. What’s more, if you have had a stressful day, walking around at this time can help to ease frustration.


Make Sure the Room is as Dark as Possible – Light has a huge effect on your sleep. When you receive exposure to light in the morning, it stimulates your mind and body. This encourages feelings of alertness and renewed energy.


Naturally, the same concept applies at night. If you receive too much light exposure before bed, or even while sleeping, your body and mind will continue to stay alert. This, in turn, poses a problem for restful, healthy sleep.


Try to Limit Liquid Intake Before Bed – Of course, if you feel thirsty, you must drink to avoid dehydration. Water is essential to the optimal performance of your bodily functions. It also helps in your performance during home physiotherapy, be it physiotherapy for stroke recovery, elderly rehabilitation or neurological physiotherapy.


Everyone’s body works in different ways. What works for you in Farnborough might not work for someone else in another location. However, if it’s likely that drinking late will wake you up in the middle of the night, try to avoid it in the hour before bed. Rather than drinking less, simply move your pre-bed drink forward. For example, instead of having it at 9:30pm, drink it at 8:30pm, or earlier.


Reduce Screen Time at Night – An increasing number of studies show that exposure to blue light in the two hours before bed can sabotage a good night’s sleep. This blue light is exactly what mobile phones, TVs, computers and tablets emit.


In short, blue light exposure not only reduces the minutes you sleep for, it also impacts on the quality. As a result, you wake up in the morning feeling groggy and unalert. This means you have less energy for your day, including your home physiotherapy programme.


At Foundations Physio, we provide a complete range of physiotherapy, including:


  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Elderly Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy for Stroke Victims
  • Bespoke Physio Programmes

Call us on 07817495791 to discuss anything from elderly rehabilitation to physiotherapy for stroke recovery in Farnborough.

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