Elderly Rehabilitation in Farnham | Recovering from Illness, Injury or Surgical Procedures

Based in Fleet, Foundations Physio specialises in elderly rehabilitation to aid and assist recovery from illness, injury and surgery. Our professional, caring team also carries out neurological physiotherapy for strokes and other conditions, for both elderly and young patients around the Farnham area. For your convenience and comfort, we can arrange to visit you at your care home or personal residence, where we will tailor a personalised recovery and treatment program to suit your needs.


If you live in Farnham and have recently undergone surgery, sustained an injury, suffered a stroke or regularly experience symptoms of neurological conditions, our expert physiotherapists have the passion, training and experience to help you on the road to recovery.


Neurological Physiotherapy for Strokes


A stroke occurs when a blood clot or similar issue cuts off the blood flow to part of the brain. This can lead to weakness or numbness of the face and limbs, particularly on one side of the body, causing difficulties in mobility and speech. To aid in elderly rehabilitation, we perform private residency and care home physiotherapy visits throughout Farnham, to carry out neurological physiotherapy for stroke victims.


We provide long-term support to help patients in Farnham overcome any physical defects following a stroke, offering a personalised exercise program to guide your recovery. Although it may not be a quick fix, it is perfectly possible to make a full recovery from a stroke with regular physiotherapy.


While a stroke can happen at any age, it is more common in people over 55. We provide elderly rehabilitation programs to help senior patients recover from a stroke.


Post-Surgical Home Physiotherapy


As well as specialising in neurological physiotherapy for strokes and other symptoms caused by injury or disease to the brain, we also deal with post-surgery recovery. Our treatment concentrates on restoring mobility, compensating for any functional loss and increase the strength of weakened muscles.


Foundations Physio carries out home physiotherapy visits for patients in Farnham, recovering from surgery on a range of body parts, including shoulders, knees, hips, spine, feet and abdomens.


We also assist with post-surgery elderly rehabilitation for senior patients.


Neurological Physiotherapy for Injuries


We perform treatment on patients throughout the Farnham area who have sustained injuries causing restrictions in mobility. To assist in elderly rehabilitation, we perform home physiotherapy sessions and arrange exercise groups in care homes to combat movement, strength, balance and coordination issues caused by all sorts of injuries.

We provide recovery programs for everything from sprained ankles to major spinal cord injuries, tailoring each course of treatment to suit your individual needs.


Neurological Physiotherapy for Illnesses


At Foundations Physio, our staff have many years of experience assessing and treating people with neurological conditions. We understand the impact that certain symptoms can have on the everyday life of patients throughout Farnham, and strive to help our clients restore mobility, balance and strength with a range of treatments and physiotherapy services.


We carry out neurological physiotherapy for strokes, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and many others.


Whether you require elderly rehabilitation or physiotherapy services following illness, injury, surgery or neurological conditions, Foundations Physio’s team of experts can help you on your path to recovery.

Call us now on 07817 495 791 for neurological physiotherapy for strokes, elderly rehabilitation and home physiotherapy services in Farnham.

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