Neurological Physiotherapy in Guildford | Treating a Range of Conditions

Based in Fleet, Foundations Physio is a company of caring, experienced physiotherapists specialising in elderly rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy, for stroke victims and sufferers of many other conditions. Our staff undertakes regular training to stay current in a variety of rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques, treatments and services, providing quality professional care to residents throughout the Guildford area.


Unlike many other companies, we provide home physiotherapy for care homes and residences alike, so you don’t have to worry about making travel arrangements.

We find receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home can help make the process a smooth and stress-free experience.


At Foundations Physio, we undertake neurological physiotherapy for strokes and other conditions throughout the Guildford area. We also deal with elderly rehabilitation and help treat a wide range of neurological disorders caused by illness and injury.


Some of these include:


Parkinson’s Disease – This condition results in reduced levels of chemical messengers in the brain, and often affects memory and mobility, as well as causing muscle tremors. We offer home physiotherapy for sufferers of Parkinson’s, to help increase and sustain mobility and balance.


Our staff assesses your everyday capabilities before prescribing the appropriate treatment, such as stretching and strengthening exercises to combat issues like:


  • Tremors
  • Muscle Rigidity
  • Stooped Posture
  • Gait Disturbances
  • Slowness of Movement


We always tailor neurological physiotherapy for strokes and other conditions to suit the individual needs of patients around Guildford, offering elderly rehabilitation for our more senior clients.


Cerebral Palsy – This condition affects brain tissue damaged before, during or after birth, and can adversely affect certain aspects of development in children. Cerebral palsy affects everyone slightly differently, but some of the common symptoms include:


  • Balance and Coordination Issues
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Reduced Muscle Tone
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Posture Issues
  • Epilepsy


We carry out neurological physiotherapy for different kinds of cerebral palsy, offering support and advice to parents and carers to help them meet the needs of their child.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – This disease affects the brain and the spinal cord, causing fatigue, weakness and spasms throughout the body. Patients around Guildford with MS may also experience balance and coordination problems, cognitive impairment and bladder or bowel difficulties.


Regular home physiotherapy, courtesy of our trained professionals, can help reduce the severity and influence of these symptoms, as well as increase energy levels and overall body strength.


Our specialist neurological physiotherapy and elderly rehabilitation experts set realistic short and long-term recovery goals, and develop a treatment routine to help achieve them.


Motor Neurone Disease – This is a rare and progressive illness, which affects the nerves in the spinal cord and the brain supplying body muscles. This leads to muscle wastage, weakness and, in some cases, even difficulties with speaking and swallowing. While the advanced stages can cause almost total paralysis, the speed at which the disease progresses can vary from patient to patient.


Our elderly rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy programs involve:


  • Joint Care
  • Pain Management
  • Breathing exercises
  • Stretching exercises


During a home physiotherapy session, we may also undertake wheelchair and postural assessments, to help patients in the Guildford area with motor neurone disease to find the perfect chair.


Whether you require elderly rehabilitation or neurological physiotherapy for stroke symptoms or other conditions, Foundations Physio’s caring team of physiotherapists has the experience and skill to help you on your road to recovery.

Call us on 07817 495 791 for home physiotherapy, elderly rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy for strokes and other conditions in the Guildford area.

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