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Established in 2014 and based in Fleet, Foundations Physio provide high-quality home physiotherapy for people in Woking and the surrounding Surrey area. We specialise elderly rehabilitation and neurological physiotherapy, including physiotherapy for stroke recovery.


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function, manage pain and prevent disease. It is great for people of all ages and helps older patients and individuals with neurological problems especially, through manual therapy, exercise, movement, education and advice. However, with all these benefits many people can be put off going to see a physiotherapist perhaps due to mobility or confidence issues. This where home physiotherapy comes in.


6 Benefits of in-Home Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy at home or in a care establishment in Woking allows treatment to take place in a more convenient and comfortable environment for the patient. There are many advantages, a few of which we have looked into below. Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. We specialise in neurological physiotherapy and elderly rehabilitation.


1. More personalised experience


Having a physiotherapist come to your home means you’ll receive a more personalised and client-focused experience opposed to going to a hospital or office setting. We take a holistic approach, assessing and treating your individual health, fitness and physical abilities.


2. Better independence


Home physiotherapy could be the difference between living at home and having to stay in a hospital or care facility. Our short and long-term neurological physiotherapy and elderly rehabilitation services in Woking help patients to resume their normal routines. We develop tailored plans with the aim to provide effective care whilst giving you back independence.


3. Comfortable and familiar environment


One of the biggest benefits of having physiotherapy is home is being in a comfortable and familiar environment. Most people feel much more relaxed in their own home and it is better suited to anyone with mobility, balance or pain issues.


4. Improved progress and recovery


Due to feeling more relaxed and comfortable in a familiar environment, many of our clients in Woking and the surrounding Surrey and Hampshire areas progress quicker with home treatment. For example, our physiotherapy for stroke patients teaches you simple exercises to carry out at home which can help you to recover faster.


5. Prevents falls and other risks


Some individuals are considered to be high-risk patients and by attempting to travel to locations for physiotherapy services, they put themselves in danger. For example, someone seeking physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation may be experiencing coordination problems, muscle weakness and fatigue, which increases the risk of falling and injury.


6. Your environment made safer


Whether providing neurological physiotherapy, elderly rehabilitation, physiotherapy for stroke or any other home physiotherapy service in Woking, our specialists will help you adapt your home environment to make daily activities easier. This could include recommending specific equipment such as stair lifts and rails or training patients, family members and caregivers to identify potential environmental hazards in the home.


At Foundations Physio, we have helped many patients in Woking and the surrounding areas with our home physiotherapy services. From the added comfort of having neurological physiotherapy in a familiar environment to making physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation safer, there are many reasons why our in-home services could be the perfect fit for you. Don’t just take our word for it either, have a look at our many positive client testimonials.

Interested in home physiotherapy or elderly rehabilitation? Call Foundations Physio today on 07817495791 to book a home visit anywhere in the Woking area.

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